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Support your local Unicorn Sex Party! Donations go towards taco bar ingredients, unicorn beer and copies of the film Blue Crush on DVD. Unicorn Sex Party
Unicorn Sex Party FAQ



Q: What music will be playing at your Unicorn Sex Party?

A: The kind of music that sounds like a unicorn pooping out rainbow. So a lot of Beach House, Animal Collective, Deerhunter, Ariel Pink, Girls and Devendra Banhart. 

Q: What is a sprinkle-pie?

A: A sprinkle-pie is a pie filled entirely with sprinkles, and then sprinkled with sprinkles on top. Unicorns LOVE sprinkle-pies.

Q: Do you accept user submissions?

A: I do indeed. Send photos to 

Q: Do you have a boner right now?

A: Um, Yes.

Q: What’s your favorite film?

A: The Last Unicorn, duh. Stupid question. Next?

Q:What’s your second favorite film?

A: Annie Hall.

Q: Do you like to chat with cool people on gchat? 

A: Why yes I do. peoplz.

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